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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diamond Engagement Ring

unique engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings for many years typically came in the traditional form of a gold band witha solitaire diamond setting, but as wedding etiquette has evolved over the years to include the more idiosyncratic tastes of individual couples, so are there now many shapes and makes of diamond engagement ring available. An engagement ring is hopefully something that a bride will wear forever, and as such, it should encapsulate her personality, so that regardless of the shifting of fashions, it will remain something that she loves and treasures.

An increasing popular choice forengagement and wedding rings is platinum. One of the rarest of the precious metals, it is strong and sturdy, with a subtle style that is the perfect accompaniment to any precious stone. It is the unique combination of simplicity and luster that have made the choice of a diamond engagement ring in platinum increasingly popular, as its wonderful sheen sets off the cut and brilliance of a diamond beautifully.

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